Sep 28, 23

BLACK SEL SUMMIT 2023 – “Say It Loud!”

The Black SEL Summit is a two-day event that brings together educators and SEL practitioners from around the country.  At the summit, we share best practices, innovative approaches for classrooms, and culturally responsive resources to sustain SEL as a tool in Black communities.

At Black SEL, we aim to restore our Black youth and communities to their full potential to reclaim their power. We’ve invited organizations uniquely positioned to help us in the charge to ensure that Black and Brown children have all they need to succeed. We invite you to explore our creative approach in providing the resources needed to increase the social-emotional health of Black youth, parents, and educators.

This event has ended.

Thank you to our everyone that participated. You can download the event recording below by filling out the form. We ask that you donate to the Dangers Of The Mind Education Fund by clicking the donate button in our top menu your donation allows us to continue the conversation about Social Emotional Learning in schools and communities.

Thank you for your support!