What is Black SEL?

Black SEL is a customized approach to social and emotional learning (SEL) that serves as a primary vehicle for cultural transmission, specifically tailored to the experiences, needs, and cultural contexts of Black students and communities.

Why Black SEL Matters?

Culturally relevant, research-based SEL resources matter, especially for black youth.  Black SEL was launched to intervene in these systems to disrupt the school-to-prison pipeline by providing needed skills and resources for school communities.

Black SEL Hub

Summer Institute 2024

June 17-21, 2024


The Black SEL Hub Summer Institute is an initiative crafted to delve into the lived experiences of Black students concerning social-emotional development. Over five days, this institute will explore our Black SEL curriculum, providing students with training in social justice skills, racial equity, African-American leadership, workforce development, character development, understanding the political landscape, and exploring a child’s media diet, all while integrating the five competencies of SEL.

Join the Black SEL Collective

An exclusive members-only community for black SEL experts and believers who stand with us in our mission to uplift, cultivate, and transform black communities! 


The Black SEL Summit is a two-day event that brings together educators and SEL practitioners from around the country.

At the summit, we share best practices, innovative approaches for classrooms, and culturally responsive resources to sustain SEL as a tool in Black communities.

The Black SEL Summit is crafted to stand as the premier gathering for Black SEL Providers, Educators, Community Leaders, and Professionals. We firmly believe that equipping every Black individual with the skills to navigate life through the lens of SEL is essential.

Black SEL is about acknowledging the ways that SEL competencies have been present in black communities long before the designation or study of social-emotional learning.

It's not just a donation. It's an investment in a people's future.

Your generosity enables us to continue providing Black youth and communities with SEL resources that will shape the future. We are deeply grateful for each contribution and your passion for our mission.

Meet Our
Black SEL
Student Advocates

Our youth advocates, help us build stronger SEL communities with through volunteer opportunities and community outreach. Black SEL Student Advocate, this is a great opportunity to connect with other young leaders while helping to build your community!


The #BlackSELSummit Aims to highlight and elevate the voices of African American people in the social-emotional field.


2022 Summit Update:

We are positively overwhelmed by the support we received for our BlackSEL Summit 2022! So many came out to be in a community with like-minded Black SEL proponents & allies. A huge thank you once again to our attendees, speakers, volunteers and sponsors! 

Join the

2023 BlackSEL Summit.

We are looking for vendors, award nominees & speakers to be part of our event.

Real impact,
one stat at a time.

of black and brown students feel a lack of school connectedness. Students don’t feel safe, a part of, and close to people at school.
of black and brown students feel less willing to help others in need, be kind to others, and volunteer.
of black and brown students don't understand their strengths and limitations

Resource Hub

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Access SEL downloadable resources intended to equip educators, parents, and communities with Social-Emotional Learning tools.

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The Dangers of the Mind Podcast, powered by Black SEL- offers information to better reach black and brown communities.

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We carefully curate panels, breakout sessions and discussions around the importance of Black SEL.

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It's our responsibility as African descendants to recognize how social-emotional development will benefit our communities.
Kristen Hopkins
CEO & Founder | Dangers of the Mind Education Fund x Black SEL