The time for innovation is now. Here’s why… The time is now to innovate because the old way is not meeting the needs of all students (and staff too). In this breakout session, come hear why the time is now to shift away from antiquated practices, which are rooted in deficit thinking. You will learn how to begin recognizing and responding to the unmet needs of Black youth. Importantly, you will hear practical strategies of how to meet the unmet needs of Black youth through innovative practices. You will leave this session energized, inspired, and ready to move towards action.


Dr. Byron McClure is a National Certified School Psychologist and Founder of Lessons For SEL, where he uses research, human-centered design thinking to build empathy, ideate, co-create solutions, and design equitable resources that put the needs of children front and center. He formerly served as the Assistant Director of School Redesign at a high school in Southeast, D.C., where he was responsible for leading and reimagining what Social Emotional Learning looked like within an inner-city community.

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