We are positively overwhelmed by the support we received for our BlackSEL Summit 2022! So many came out to be in community with like-minded Black SEL proponents & allies. BlackSEL is all of us and we’re so happy that you have chosen to be a part of something as impactful and historic as this movement is and will be. 

A huge thank you once again to our attendees, speakers, volunteers and sponsors! Stay tuned for the announcement of BlackSEL Summit 2023:). Scroll below to watch this year’s recap video and access #BlackSELSummit2022’s free SEL resources. 

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There are many educators, advocates, and leaders who ensure that Black and Brown children have access to the tools, resources, and support needed to advance and sustain social-emotional learning.  

Black SEL looks to reach, teach and build a system of strong black leaders that understand the importance of Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) and ways to expose and sustain SEL in black communities. 

Social- Emotional Learning will not be a trend in black and brown communities, but a sustainable tool to advance and heal- one community at a time.

Panel Discussions

We carefully curated panel discussions that focus on current issues students, parents, teachers, and communities experience when it comes to Social Emotional Learning.  Panelists and moderators have extensive experience and critical perspectives within the SEL field.  Click links below to learn more about each panel and access resources from discussion.

Sponsored by:

A Black Educators Network(ABEN)  |  SCALAWAG

Sponsored by:

Durham Public Schools   

Sponsored by:

The Urban Assembly


Breakout Sessions

We are excited to add Breakout sessions to this year’s Black SEL Summit!  Breakout sessions feature hosts’ from diverse backgrounds, allowing us to take a deeper look at the importance and relevence of SEL- both in and out the classroom.  Scroll below to meet host’s and watch.

Awards Gala

Black SEL is honored to recognize the work of Black and Brown Social-Emotional Learning practitioners and pioneers in the field, including “The Godfather” of Social-Emotional Learning- Dr. James P. Comer.  

2021 – 2022 Awardees:

Honoree Dr. Comer 

Dr. Ralph Simpson (2021)

Dr. Roberta Grace Scott, Phd (2021)

Dr. Theresa McGowan (2021)

Dr. Bloodine Barthelus (2021)

David Adams (2021)

Byron McClure (2021)

Brandon Frame (2021)

Jahara Davis (2022)

Christina Morales (2022)

Dr. Dena Simmons (2022)

Ray Brown (2022)

Thank You To Our Sponsors!

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